Position Yourself: Employment Opportunities Will Never Be the Same

The Internet has leveled the playing field and literally opened the market giving us access and innovative, exciting ways to find employment, build businesses, and connect with family, friends, clients, and, yes, even strangers. YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, ODesk, Twitter, and other business development and social networking sites have broken the chains of tradition, becoming gateways to accessing a vibrant buying, selling, and hiring marketplace.

In addition, the new economic, political, and social climate is inspiring us to swiftly redefine our passions and priorities and how we express them. The workplace as we have known it is rapidly transitioning; creating an open market. A corporation no longer has to hire a person on their native soil to get work done. They can literally hire someone in another country to make and receive calls, build and update their websites, and solve technical difficulties.

Subsequently, forward-thinking leaders are shifting company cultures and projecting how to best attract, recruit, and retain the most dynamic trailblazers of upcoming decades. These leaders are looking for responsible partners not employees. The partners come fully loaded with utilizable intellectual property and presence that adds value to the organization’s goals and direction. The partners come knowing that they are knowledgeable, but don’t know it all. Therefore, they’re open to growth through experience and learning centers—books, internal and external development workshops, and industry conferences and forums.

In the ever-changing, extremely competitive marketplace—in addition to slaying micro-managed leadership styles that squash creativity and risk-taking—a well-rehearsed, staged presentation that fits what you think leadership is looking for is not going to fly anymore. Therefore, an image that mirrors leadership is no longer a guarantee for success. If they already have one, why do they need another? You have to give them a logical reason to want to pay the big bucks for you! And unlike the last several decades where showing up for work on time, keeping your mouth shut and doing your job secured rewards, career advancement now depends on innovation, intellectual property, and value proposition.

Is Your Pain Your Purpose?

In helping hundreds cross The Bridge, I’ve found that there is a direct connection between our pain and our purpose and/or passion. Clearly, since people are different, this may not be true for every person. It would be foolish for me to think that I have the solution for every person. But I know this: if we are attentive students, pain is a powerful teacher, and if we listen and learn the lessons we will be guided to exactly where we are meant to be.

My experience tells me that our purpose is our pain turned inside out. I’ve seen many people connect with and release their pain, enter into a new space, and focus their attention on providing a blueprint for others that heals a condition that once haunted them for years. The passion they have is unmatched. Conceivably, it’s because their painful experience robbed them of so much that they are driven to break its destructive power over others.

This is evident in the lives of people such as Oprah, Lady Gaga, and Suze Orman. By Oprah removing her own layers of family dysfunction and extreme poverty, as one of the richest and most recognizable persons in the world, she now helps others bring healing to themselves and creates ways to let their lessons help others. Using many gateways—television, radio, magazines, Internet, and philanthropy, she says of her venture to open a school for girls in South Africa, “I wanted to educate girls because I was a poor girl. A poor girl who grew up with my grandmother as so many of these girls do because of AIDS, now left to be raised by their grandmother. This has been a long time coming. This is not just for me some small idea; it is a supreme moment of destiny for me. I’ve been coming to this moment my entire life.”

©2011 All rights reserved. This is an excerpt from a chapter in The Bridge to Your Brand Likeability, Marketability, Credibility called Is Your Pain Your Purpose which is  available in paperback.  You can preview The Bridge at http://srenee.com/books_journals.htm.

3 Crucial Elements for Success

I was having lunch with Ernest J. Dianastasis, Managing Director at Computer Aid, Inc. (CAI), a global international company in existence for 30 years with approximately 3000 employees. I wanted to know the secret to their branding success. Without hesitation, he said it was staying innovative, along with staying ahead of the curve of industry changes. “Our customers want to experience high productivity, meet deadlines, and stay within budget,” he proudly stated. “We look for the best and brightest minds straight out of college. They know the latest in technology, and that keeps us on the cutting edge.” Over the course of our 90-minute conversation, he shared the three most important elements to business and personal success:

1. Innovation: stay on top of your game

2. Intellectual Property: know what you know and make sure that your                            market knows that you know it.

3. Value Proposition: clearly define how what you know benefits your                               market.

©2011 All rights reserved. The Bridge to Your Brand Likeability, Marketability, Credibility  available in paperback.  You can read the first two chapters at http://srenee.com/products.htm.