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S. Renee’s expertise in personal, professional, and spiritual development is highly sought after by Fortune 500 corporations, colleges and universities, government and non-profit agencies and faith-based communities. She is highly praised for her self-development programs and innate ability to create shifts in people’s thinking and inspire them to take steps toward positive, permanent change. S. Renee is endorsed by and shares platforms with well-known international speakers and leaders such as Chicken Soup for the Soul originator Jack Canfield; ABC journalist and author of Step Out on Nothing Byron Pitts; and fourth-season winner of The Apprentice, entrepreneur and author of Campus CEO Dr. Randal Pinkett. With 20 years of image development experience, she is an image consultant, motivational speaker and life and branding coach. She is also the author of three popular books, There Is More Inside, The Bridge to Your Brand Likability, Marketability Credibility, and Our Hearts Wonder. S. Renee is an expert resource to regional and national media outlets. S. Renee is Honorary Commander of the Department of Defense Charles C. Carson Center for Mortuary Affairs—the only mortuary for dignified transfer of fallen United States soldiers. She serves on United Way of Delaware Women in Leadership Council and the Commission on Early Education and the Economy. She’s a Commissioner on the Human Relations Commission for the City of Dover and she serves on the Delaware Community Foundation Kent County Advisory Board—Delaware’s largest philanthropic organization. A former QVC model, television talk-show host and spokesperson in Philadelphia and director of public relations, she has also worked for Fortune 500 companies in marketing and management. Learn more about S. Renee at www.srenee.com.

Not Out of Obligation, But Appreciation

I want to quickly share a conversation that I hope will inspire you this Christmas Day.

A friend invited me to her home to celebrate Christmas Eve with her family. My heart wanted to be there, but

I wasn’t sure my tired body would sustain my heart’s desire. I told her that I planned to be there. She said, “I understand your work schedule, you don’t have to come out of obligation.” I said, “I wouldn’t come out of obligation, I would come out of appreciation. You love and support me, sis. I want to come and support you.”

Over the course of our 15-year friendship, I’ve seen many pieces of her life. I’ve met most of her family, but I hadn’t seen them all together. It was a joy to watch the personalities, relationship dynamics, and the spirit of Christmas gleam from her four children, four grandchildren, one in-law, former husband and family friend (who is due to deliver her second child any day) and her daughter.

I had an incredible time eating, laughing, and exchanging hopes, fears, dreams, and stories of God’s miraculous moves in our lives.

The spirit of Christmas reminds us of the appreciation and adoration of the incredible gift of life that changed the course of the universe. Jesus didn’t come out of obligation, he came out of appreciation for who we are and what we can become.

My prayer is that every moment you spend celebrating with those closest to you will be felt with the same level of love, freedom, and elevated awareness that Jesus bought to the plant.

There Is More Inside, YOU!

God Bless you, I love you, Merry Christmas!

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Happy Thanksgiving

In gratitude, we pray:

We awake to the pleasure of your presence, God. We bask in the warm embrace of your love. As you lovingly smile at us, we smile back in thankfulness for all that is–the purpose of our existence, the divine order of the universe, and the expressions of love and kindness of family, friends and all who we share our time with on this planet.

Today, we feel the joy, excitement, and anticipation of sharing time with those closest to our hearts. Our hearts are open and we pray for our brothers and sisters who are away from home, on the street, alone in the care of strangers, or lost in darkness. We hold them in your light and love as we express our desire and commitment to do good toward them and others today, always and in all ways. And so it is. In the name of our master, brother, teacher and friend Jesus the Christ.

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