A New Venture


After months of contemplating the advantages and disadvantages of blogging, I’ve decided that this would be a great way to stay connected with you. Although a huge time commitment, I hope that you will ask lots of questions and find my answers life-changing and extremely valuable. I look forward to the journey.

-S. Renee

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    1. Hello Shirlene:

      Thanks for leaving a message Shirlene. Please tell me what subjects interest you in terms of workshops. Also, in terms of transparency, is there any thing that you feel I haven’t shared that you would like to know. If I can share information or help in any way, I’d be happy to do so. Again, it is people, like you, who inspire me to continue to do what I do. Thanks for touching base. I look forward to seeing you soon.

      Stay up,
      S. Renee

  1. Hi Renee. Congratulations on your blog. This is my first time posting a comment. I received the enewsletter and would like to request a copy of There Is More Inside Value Proposition: a spiritual notion workbook. Thanks in advance.
    Continue the great job.

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