A Rainbow in the Clouds


Recently, to my surprise and great pleasure, the House of Representatives gave me a Commendation for “continued exhibition of the pursuit of excellence as a Personal Growth Expert.” Thank you for being a part of this humbling recognition.

Can I be honest? It hasn’t been easy. And one of the hardest things that I’ve had to do in my life is to let go of relationships that were not serving my highest good. And to admit that I could no longer be of service to certain individuals. These were people I grew up with or met over time. Either way, I learned to love and trust them with some of my deepest secrets. The truth is, when our lives started moving in different directions it became evident that we no longer shared the same values. Making the decision to excuse myself from these relationships felt like a part of me was drifting from me.

Dr. Maya Angelou says: There’s a rainbow in your clouds. Looking back I now know that I would not have been able to successfully move my life forward if I had stayed in that space with those individuals. My decision wasn’t passing judgement nor does it make them wrong or bad. I knew that if I was going to fulfill my mission in life I had to make some tough decisions. And stick by those decisions. Although I missed the habit of our interaction there was a miracle in it all.

While those relationships were dying new relationships were emerging. I discovered and nurtured relationships with people who shared the same values. Like most pivotal moments in our lives, we have to be willing to give up one thing to get another.

This audio is going to challenge you to do the same thing–make some tough decisions about your future. Listen now.

Awaken Your Spiritual Senses Day 7

Are You Playing Games?

Last week’s “Awaken Your Spiritual Senses” was as they say, “The Truth,” wouldn’t you say? Our truth is always changing to fit our needs, circumstances and desires. But, to fulfill our life’s calling we have to be open, truth seekers! And, that means seeking the truth of how God sees the situation. That was one of my greatest lessons. It’s not easy and I’m still learning how to live from that place of awareness.

Today, your intentions will be tested! Are you willing to relax, release and accept all things as being in order according to God’s will or would you prefer to manipulate and play games with yourself.

In this audio you’ll be asked to honor truth and divine wisdom. Will you answer that call? Awaken Your Spiritual Senses NOW!

Awaken Your Spiritual Senses Audio Download

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How Long Will It Take?

I hope you got the message in the last audio download–none of us can afford to leave the planet questioning whether we did all could to make a difference for ourselves, one another and the next generation. If you didn’t download it, visit the previous blog.

Have you answered the call? Are you ready to answer the call? Are you unsure about how to walk in your calling? You are not alone! That’s why today in “Awaken Your Spiritual Senses” I share how long it took me to finally “answer the call.” Of course, this was long after I got the vision for my life. Like many people, I became fearful of the unknown.

I would ask myself: How will it happen? Who do I need to contact? Where should I start? This uncertainty paralyzed me. Today, I’m thankful I went through it because I can now help others across this difficult terrain. Download “Awaken Your Spiritual Senses” Day 2.

Awaken Your Spiritual Senses Day 2

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S. Renee
CEO – Author | Speaker | Branding & Life Coach | Image & Public Relations Consultant
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Frustrated By the Game? Here’s How to Win

Even in my unconscious, hormonal raging 13-year old body, I quickly learned the value of trusted followers. As a frustrated victim of bullying, I could see that popularity and power was a numbers game. As a new player at a new school, I wasn’t winning. I hadn’t made any friends and although extended a warm invitation to join the bully and her entourage of empty thinkers, I was neither impressed or enticed.

So the game began–although I didn’t know it. By rejecting the invite, this met I had no protection and was considered an outsider. Perhaps, if I knew the rules my decision may have been different. I was just trying to “do the right thing.”

“We were in gym class and each girl took her turn hitting me in the back of the head as she ran by. I sat quietly and watched the girls as they laughed and joked at me. Little did they know that I was looking for the weakest link. I found her. When she ran by and hit me, I got up and ran after her. I threw a few punches…thank God it didn’t last long. Before I knew it, I was in the guidance counselor’s office. No one could understand why “the good girl was fighting.” After that incident, I never had to worry about being intimidated by my classmates again.” (An excerpt from There Is More Inside)

I did exactly what I knew I should do, I became friends with everyone. I was a leader. I was consistent, respectful, and fair to everyone. I showed that I was a leader. I became the voice of reason for friends and associates who were having problems at home, with their relationship (if that is what you want to call them at 13 years old) or any situation that bothered them.

My classmates honored that. I became the gateway to a better way of thinking. In fact, two years later the student body voted me Queen and most popular, best dressed, friendliest, and most reliable! Where are you the gateway to? Find out why this is so important:

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Who Is Your John the Baptist?

I was standing toward the end of a line of over 100 people. She had just received a well deserved standing ovation. Although desired, it was impossible for me, without appearing rude, to get any closer to the rising star.

It was 2004. I was a amateur in the writing and speaking business. In fact, truth be told, I wasn’t even in the business. Like most people, I was searching for guidance. I knew what I was called to do, but I didn’t know how to do it. And, as quiet as it is kept, at times, I still don’t.

I was in Cleveland, Ohio. I was attending one of America’s major African American national conferences. All the “players” were on the platform. And, their personas didn’t disappoint. Most of us who were seated in the audience, were daydreaming about being on the platform. Thinking we had what it takes to dispense valuable information, after each session we would bombard the “kings and queens.” Believing we needed them, like groupies and street beggars we would humanize (as opposite to seeing our spiritual power) ourselves by thinking our path required us to hunt down certain people to endorse us. As I passed attendees, I could feel the anxious energy engulfing and overtaking our present state of being.

The ‘players’, however, would walk swiftly. Where were they headed? I have no idea. While on their olympic course, we, the peasants (those who hadn’t ‘made it yet’), would hurriedly and nervously pitch our idea to them. Barely looking us in the eyes, most would dig their hand in their right coat pocket, pull out a business card and say: Call me! Excited about our new connection, the truth of our encounter didn’t come until our efforts to follow up led to a dead end.

This time was different. After signing another copy of her book, she looked up and saw me at the back of the line. She looked me square in the eyes. With her index finger she petitioned me to join her at the front. Wondering if she was talking to me, I, in question, put my hand on my chest and contoured my face as to ask: Who me? Yes, she nodded. Everyone surprised, including me, I nervously walked toward her. She said, “Stand, right there.” Like a child who had been called to the office, I couldn’t feel myself breathing. I thought: What does she want with me? How does she know me? What’s going on? Questions were shooting off like fireworks on the fourth of July.

The great spiritual teacher Lisa Nichols said: She had come there to meet me. That she felt my spirit and knew we were met to connect. Since that time, she cried in the wilderness for me by endorsing my first book, There Is More Inside. She has spent hours of her time mentoring me. She has been a gift in my life. My John the Baptist. Who is yours? Find out in spiritual principle two why this is so important.

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The Power is in the Package!

What’s in a brand?

What’s in a brand? Personal branding is hailed as one of the most effective strategies to get ahead in the build world and corporate race. By learning how to package oneself in a way that highlights your most positive traits and strengths, you widen your opportunities toward personal, corporate and financial growth. You also multiply your chances of attaining personal success and happiness. Read More. (And, if it speaks to you “Like” and share it with your friends)

Your Days Are Numbered

Recently I celebrated 45 years of being on the planet. To be honest, in the past I would barely pause to acknowledge the date I entered into the earthly realm. This year was different. Not only did I pause, but also I literally stopped and contemplated my life and the life of those I deeply love–and you were included.

I came to the realization that if I’m assigned to a 90-year voyage, I was entering the second half of the passage. Since I don’t know my date of departure, my only gauge is genetics and past generations.

In total transparency, not only did I think about my own mortality, I thought about the transience of my parents, siblings, inner circle of friends and all the divine faces and personalities that I’ve been blessed to see, hear and experience over the years.

Sitting in my meditation room, I laughed, cried and pondered the lessons I learned over the years. Observers, undoubtedly, would have said, “She can’t be alone.” Thanks to the presence of God–I wasn’t.

As you know, you aren’t alone either. That’s why two years ago we launched the William J. & Rev. Shirley M. Smith, Sr. Scholarship Fund. The intention is to show the community that our lives matter. We also desire to remind our young people that they are not alone by providing them with financial support.

Please forward this information with everyone you know and tell them that we are accepting applications for a $3000 scholarship ($1000 for 3 years).

The application deadline is May 18. The criteria and online application can be found at www.thesmithlegacy.org.

Stay tuned for the announcement of our dynamic, nationally recognized 2012 Inspired to BE Smith Legacy Dinner keynote speaker.

Here’s a hint: Colin Powell is his mentor.

There Is More,

S. Renee