Why Am I Being Tested?

“I remember wondering how it got to this point. I was a student of developing and maintaining a positive self-image. I taught others how to develop and maintain theirs. What happened? I was numb. I couldn’t feel myself anymore. I was deaf to my own voice. All I could hear were the people in my personal and professional life whose actions were saying, “You’re not good enough.” I was now a student of my own teaching.” This is an excerpt from There Is More Inside

It was Spring 2000. I don’t know if I was struggling or being strangled. Regardless, I was suffering. What I now realize is that my stamina and beliefs about myself, God and the world around me were being tested.

Finding the courageous and confidence to own your space and smoothly transition from one phase of life to another is what I teach today, but first I had to be taught. Briefly, here’s the story. You can read the entire story in my first book, There Is More Inside.

I was facing two painful rejections. My former fiancé asked me to marry him and four months later walked out of my life. Then, I was fired from my job.

Prior to getting engaged, I firmly stated that we would not set a date until we went to marriage counseling. After starting our sessions, he and I had an argument about going to counseling. He told me he had been hoodwinked into going to counseling. Realizing our deep differences, I said: Well, we won’t be getting married.

In less than 30 days after that dramatic episode, I was fired from my job. I was being bullied by my supervisor—humiliated in front of my staff, described as a premadonna, and told I couldn’t write. After seeking help from the director of human resources and the university president, I was granted medical leave due to the tremendous amount of stress that they knew I was experiencing. The stress affected my health. I went to the doctor who diagnosed me as being depressed. He prescribed an antidepressant. Yes, I felt like my life was crumbling out of control, but everything about my life up to this point told me that God had prepared me for this personal and professional challenge.

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Who Is Your John the Baptist?

I was standing toward the end of a line of over 100 people. She had just received a well deserved standing ovation. Although desired, it was impossible for me, without appearing rude, to get any closer to the rising star.

It was 2004. I was a amateur in the writing and speaking business. In fact, truth be told, I wasn’t even in the business. Like most people, I was searching for guidance. I knew what I was called to do, but I didn’t know how to do it. And, as quiet as it is kept, at times, I still don’t.

I was in Cleveland, Ohio. I was attending one of America’s major African American national conferences. All the “players” were on the platform. And, their personas didn’t disappoint. Most of us who were seated in the audience, were daydreaming about being on the platform. Thinking we had what it takes to dispense valuable information, after each session we would bombard the “kings and queens.” Believing we needed them, like groupies and street beggars we would humanize (as opposite to seeing our spiritual power) ourselves by thinking our path required us to hunt down certain people to endorse us. As I passed attendees, I could feel the anxious energy engulfing and overtaking our present state of being.

The ‘players’, however, would walk swiftly. Where were they headed? I have no idea. While on their olympic course, we, the peasants (those who hadn’t ‘made it yet’), would hurriedly and nervously pitch our idea to them. Barely looking us in the eyes, most would dig their hand in their right coat pocket, pull out a business card and say: Call me! Excited about our new connection, the truth of our encounter didn’t come until our efforts to follow up led to a dead end.

This time was different. After signing another copy of her book, she looked up and saw me at the back of the line. She looked me square in the eyes. With her index finger she petitioned me to join her at the front. Wondering if she was talking to me, I, in question, put my hand on my chest and contoured my face as to ask: Who me? Yes, she nodded. Everyone surprised, including me, I nervously walked toward her. She said, “Stand, right there.” Like a child who had been called to the office, I couldn’t feel myself breathing. I thought: What does she want with me? How does she know me? What’s going on? Questions were shooting off like fireworks on the fourth of July.

The great spiritual teacher Lisa Nichols said: She had come there to meet me. That she felt my spirit and knew we were met to connect. Since that time, she cried in the wilderness for me by endorsing my first book, There Is More Inside. She has spent hours of her time mentoring me. She has been a gift in my life. My John the Baptist. Who is yours? Find out in spiritual principle two why this is so important.

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Why Do I Keep Failing?

Recently, I was at a business event. There were about 50 people in the room. Arriving 30 minutes late, she walked in the room. Momentarily catching everyone’s attention, I thought: Wow! sharp sister. Directing my attention back to the front of the room, there was a panel of experts answering questions about the present and future of organizational leadership and employee development.

After the event was over, I made a b-line to the front. I knew exactly who I wanted to meet. On my way, I ran into her–the sharp sister. I extend my right arm to shake her hand. I said, Hello, my name is S. Renee. With a beautiful broad smile she said, Hello, my name is …. I asked: What brings you here today? With a burst of energy she said, I provide tax services. If you’re in need of a tax advisor, I’m the one you are looking for. Excitedly, I said, oh, do you have a card? Simultaneously saying No, while looking in her purse she goes on a search for a business card she knew she didn’t have while chattering about Lord only knows–you know the type.

Not wanting to dismiss her, although she had dismissed herself by the floundering and senseless chatter, I patiently waited for her to stop hunting in her oversized purse for a non-existing business card. Giving her a way out I said: “Here, please take my card and forward me your contact information.” Taking a deep breath, I could hear her sigh of relief.

Like many of us, we still believe that we can fake it until we make it. Not so, not in the 21st century when we have lived in an age of reality talk shows and television programming. We are too smart to fool one another. Watch this video below to avoid being like this sister and discover the first spiritual step to building a personal brand.

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Are You Ready?

Now that the shift has happened and we are being awakened to the greater purpose for which we’ve been sent to planet earth, we have to prepare ourselves for this new way of thinking and operating. We’re being called to open our hearts to each other and instead of selfishly working for our own good, God is challenging us to work according to His plan for the universe.

It’s easy to nod our heads in acceptance to the call. However, the work comes in removing our protective barriers and opening our hearts while aligning our behaviors so that Spirit, without resistance or judgment, can flow through us.

I don’t know about you, but I have to confess that it’s been a challenge to crystalize the vision and a little overwhelming to get a grip on how to successfully fulfill my assignments. Oprah asks, “What do you know for sure?” What I now know for sure is that I’ll never have all the answers. But, I do have access to the answer for each moment that I’m given. And–that’s enough for me.

Here’s why. There are Angelic forces that work on your and my behalf. While we’re thinking, pondering and sending our requests to God, the Angels are moving and prompting the people who are appointed to help us complete our tasks. What I’m noticing is that often, people will find and reach out to us and we then become witnesses of own life. I’m in awe of God’s divine system.

Recently, I’ve had three such breathtaking moments when the call came with no effort on my part, but to stay in my lane and do the work I’ve been asked to do.

Woman w/ Sign

  • I received an email for an interview from Urbanette Magazine Reporter Vanessa Ness. Urbanette is the longest running women’s online magazine. Here’s a sample of her thought-provoking questions.

Urbanette: Does gender play a role in one’s tendency to build inspiration through group dynamics?

S. Renee: …Inspiration is arousing someone to act on something. It’s often used as a spiritual term to denote in spirit, which means that through Spirit one is caused to act. There is a good spirit and a bad spirit…Read more

If the interview speaks to you, please leave a comment, “Like” it, email, tweet, etc. Your response is necessary to continue to help raise the spiritual consciousness of all people in various industries.

  • Ola Jackson, Founder and CEO, OWN: Onyx Woman Network requested that I join two other dynamic women to discuss Life as an Entrepreneur. Click the title to listen to the 30-minute interview. If you’re thinking about starting a business, the challenges you hear during this interview may scare you, but the stories are real. If you have a business, listen to avoid devastating pitfalls and to be inspired by how you can overcome them.
I hope you’re encouraged to continue the journey. At times, it feels like a mammoth of a task, but it’s our duty to prepare daily for our charge. I’m in prayerful support of your divine desires. Continue to hold on to truth–there is more.

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The Power is in the Package!

What’s in a brand?

What’s in a brand? Personal branding is hailed as one of the most effective strategies to get ahead in the build world and corporate race. By learning how to package oneself in a way that highlights your most positive traits and strengths, you widen your opportunities toward personal, corporate and financial growth. You also multiply your chances of attaining personal success and happiness. Read More. (And, if it speaks to you “Like” and share it with your friends)

What If…?

What If...?

You’ll find me on page 29 –
Notes on Business” 

What if today was your final day on planet earth? You are scheduled to die, transition, crossover, or pass. Whatever you call it–what if?

I recently returned from Alabama, where I travelled to celebrate the life and legacy of a dear friend of 12 years, Coach Benjamin Blacknall. His unexpected transition from here to there has awaken me to a deeper awareness–daily, we sketch the contemplations that others will have of us when we’re gone. Death doesn’t change how we lived.

That’s why I’m grateful for Ben and for you. I know our divine calling is to plant seeds of justice, love and truth while being teachers to one another. Since God is in all things, it’s our responsibility to be the God experience that others are looking for.

That’s why I’m grateful to our innercircle friend (my nephew) Jakeem Smith for helping to expand my message to a national audience. He nabbed an interview opportunity with Sheen Magazine, which is in stores now. Will you help me to support the media outlets that support my message by picking up a copy at any Target, K-Mart, Wal-Mart or bookstore near you?

I appreciate your support.

Stay tuned, There Is More,
S. Renee

Your Days Are Numbered

Recently I celebrated 45 years of being on the planet. To be honest, in the past I would barely pause to acknowledge the date I entered into the earthly realm. This year was different. Not only did I pause, but also I literally stopped and contemplated my life and the life of those I deeply love–and you were included.

I came to the realization that if I’m assigned to a 90-year voyage, I was entering the second half of the passage. Since I don’t know my date of departure, my only gauge is genetics and past generations.

In total transparency, not only did I think about my own mortality, I thought about the transience of my parents, siblings, inner circle of friends and all the divine faces and personalities that I’ve been blessed to see, hear and experience over the years.

Sitting in my meditation room, I laughed, cried and pondered the lessons I learned over the years. Observers, undoubtedly, would have said, “She can’t be alone.” Thanks to the presence of God–I wasn’t.

As you know, you aren’t alone either. That’s why two years ago we launched the William J. & Rev. Shirley M. Smith, Sr. Scholarship Fund. The intention is to show the community that our lives matter. We also desire to remind our young people that they are not alone by providing them with financial support.

Please forward this information with everyone you know and tell them that we are accepting applications for a $3000 scholarship ($1000 for 3 years).

The application deadline is May 18. The criteria and online application can be found at www.thesmithlegacy.org.

Stay tuned for the announcement of our dynamic, nationally recognized 2012 Inspired to BE Smith Legacy Dinner keynote speaker.

Here’s a hint: Colin Powell is his mentor.

There Is More,

S. Renee