3 Crucial Elements for Success

I was having lunch with Ernest J. Dianastasis, Managing Director at Computer Aid, Inc. (CAI), a global international company in existence for 30 years with approximately 3000 employees. I wanted to know the secret to their branding success. Without hesitation, he said it was staying innovative, along with staying ahead of the curve of industry changes. “Our customers want to experience high productivity, meet deadlines, and stay within budget,” he proudly stated. “We look for the best and brightest minds straight out of college. They know the latest in technology, and that keeps us on the cutting edge.” Over the course of our 90-minute conversation, he shared the three most important elements to business and personal success:

1. Innovation: stay on top of your game

2. Intellectual Property: know what you know and make sure that your                            market knows that you know it.

3. Value Proposition: clearly define how what you know benefits your                               market.

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