Can you feel the acceleration of growth and opportunity around you? Like you, I’ve been committed to staying awake and observing the awesomeness of God’s wonder. In doing so, I’m excited to share that I have entered into my first business partnership.

BCT Partners, a multimillion dollar firm whose CEO is season four winner of The Apprentice, Dr. Randall Pinkett and I have agreed to a business partnership that will support my efforts to expand and take on larger contracts. As a part of the agreement, I’ll maintain my brand so you can expect to continue to hear my voice. What’s most awesome about our relationship is that we share the same values!

Pictured below is Randall and I in Minnesota. We spoke on the same platform.

S. Renee & Dr. Randal Pinkett

This would have never happened had I not Awaken My Spiritual Senses. I don’t know about you, but are times when I’m driving from one place to another and when I get to my destination I don’t remember all the beautiful buildings, landscapes, homes and people I’ve passed along the way.

And, then there are times, when God offers me the precious gift of learning and discovering more about myself and others and–I MISS IT! I miss the opportunity to show someone “THE WAY.” I don’t know about you, but nothing troubles me more then when that happens. That’s why I recorded “Awaken Your Spiritual Senses.” Like you, I don’t want to miss my calling, lessons or any opportunities to grow, learn and serve the people on the planet.

If there are times that you are missing it, then this audio series will definitely help you.

I realize you’re busy, but I encourage to you take time for yourself and your growth. Actually, you’ll save time. In just a few minutes you can listen to these powerful recordings that will help you. The stories, information and questions will awaken your spiritual senses. Download your first audio.

Awaken Your Spiritual Senses

If you love it and why wouldn’t you since self-development is an important part of your life, share it with your friends. It’s FREE! Plant this seed in someone’s life.

And keep an eye open for the next audio download.

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