What does that word mean to you? Does it give you a positive or negative feeling? By definition, it means a situation involving exposure to danger, harm, or loss. That sounds a little too intense for me, so I like to think of risk as the impact to “possibly not getting an anticipated result.” This gives me the courage to pursue opportunities that I would otherwise talk myself out of. 

Amazon’s Founder/CEO/President Jeff Bezos has been credited for saying, “Unless you are taking risks you aren’t growing or thinking big enough.”  That statement has stuck with me. It has made me question whether I’ve taken enough risks. And if the chances I take are big enough. It’s made me wonder if I could gain this level of success, what risks would I have to take to get to the higher vision I have for myself and my career.

As leaders, we have to be an example to those who are looking at our lives and hoping they’ll find something to emulate. I’ve concluded that how I perceive my responsibility to myself and God’s divine plan for my life is of a higher consequence then what may happen when I challenge myself in new ways.

The next time you desire to take a risk that you know deep inside will render you staggering results or, at least, brilliant lessons that you will make your path clear, remember there’s nothing wrong with you. You’re just growing into the big vision you’ve set for your life–I know, I will. 

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