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In a few weeks, I’m headed to speak at Sisters in Success: A Conference For and About Women. I will share the platform with our Governor’s wife (Carla Markell) and other dignitaries throughout the state. The sisters in success: ARE in PRISON! I consider this opportunity to share my message and book, There Is More Inside with 150 women who didn’t properly handle their storms–a gift.

The truth is, we don’t always properly handle our storms well either. The reason: they don’t make sense to us and therefore, we don’t know how to respond to them. In this audio, I share what’s happening during the storms in our lives and what to do to calm the waters. Download your audio for “Awaken Your Spiritual Senses” below.

Awaken Your Spiritual Senses #4

I also encourage you to consider this: life can and WILL become uncertain at times. Sometimes down right confusing. It is never our intention to give up on our dreams–but it gets hard and giving up just seems to release all the pressure. In the long run, giving up never feels good.

If you want to breakthrough the mental, emotional and spiritual chaos and clutter, then Behind the Brand will give you the spiritual insights you need to not only break-through, but to move beyond your place of stuck!

The truth is that I was raised in the church and because of what I saw and heard, it made me more confused than spiritually aware. So I decided to seek my own truth. And, in doing so I opened up to new ways of thinking and behaving that has led me to where I am today. In this 1-hour interview, I share how I broke free from religious prison.

Stay tuned for the next audio in the Awaken Your Spiritual Senses series. And, don’t forget to Get Your Audio Download of Behind the Brand. See you soon.


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