2 thoughts on “HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE? How to execute the VISION

  1. Wow ! that is basically all I can say. Thank you for the message because
    you allowed me to take a deeper look at myself and the lies about myself to myself. My vision is to write,produce and direct my plays which I am doing but I long for my own theater so that I can serve the public with Dinner theater events. I know with God on my side something will break for me. I am looking for an investor(s) just so I can get my feet more than wet , planted. Thanks again S. Renee, I will be looking for more inside.

    1. Hello Vera,

      Thank you for stopping by. I’m excited to hear that this post added value to your life. Remember, your dreams will be fulfilled, but you have to do the work. Stay tuned for There Is More Inside teleseminar series. Remain powerful, S. Renee.

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