How Long Will It Take?

I hope you got the message in the last audio download–none of us can afford to leave the planet questioning whether we did all could to make a difference for ourselves, one another and the next generation. If you didn’t download it, visit the previous blog.

Have you answered the call? Are you ready to answer the call? Are you unsure about how to walk in your calling? You are not alone! That’s why today in “Awaken Your Spiritual Senses” I share how long it took me to finally “answer the call.” Of course, this was long after I got the vision for my life. Like many people, I became fearful of the unknown.

I would ask myself: How will it happen? Who do I need to contact? Where should I start? This uncertainty paralyzed me. Today, I’m thankful I went through it because I can now help others across this difficult terrain. Download “Awaken Your Spiritual Senses” Day 2.

Awaken Your Spiritual Senses Day 2

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