How to Secure Contracts in a Tough Economy

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Thanks for your question. The economy is on the minds of many who don’t realize that it’s not the economy that’s the problem. It is how we see and respond to the “noise” that is being made about the economy. By using the principals that I’m going to share, my business continues to grow. I’m currently working 4 contracts, 2 more are in negotiation, and 1 is in the fact finding stage. This is the best time to build your business because many people have eliminated themselves from the game. Here are several steps that you can take to get started.

Step 1: Make a Decision

1. Decide if you believe in abundance or lack. In the spiritual world there is abundance! Make the commitment to stop complaining about gas prices, cost of electric, or any other rising cost. I ask God daily to guide me to the doors that will give me the opportunity to serve. Lay out a plan and take the action steps to execute the plan.

Step 2: Know Your Value

Last year there was a misunderstanding between a client and me. She thought the price included travel, but it didn’t. She said, “Renee, you are high.'” I didn’t say anything at the time. After my presentation weeks later I said, “…I want to follow-up on the statement you made to me about being high.” She responded, “Renee, you’re worth every dime.”  I’m on schedule to return this year at the same price.

The lack of money is often the excuse used when the person wants to gently brush you off. It’s important to find out their real concern. Show them how hiring you will increase their bottom line. Remember, poor employee and student retention rates, bad customer service and job performances have nothing to do with the economy. Clients respond to results!

Step 3: Learn to Listen

Recently, while negotiating with a client, pricing became an issue. They’ve been my client for the nearly 3 years, but I was working with a different division–expanded opportunity. It was clear that we wanted to work together, but there was a huge gap in pricing. Because I don’t believe it is ever about money, I said, “I need a few days to work the numbers.” I returned 3 days later with an itemization (in hours) of what I thought would be required of me to successfully create the results he wanted. Without hesitation, he accepted the new pricing and requested that a contract be sent over. Although I didn’t get my original price, I was able to negotiate an additional $1000 above the “budgeted amount.” Through this experience, I discover that his concern was not the price, but  justifying price.

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  1. I recently received one of your emails and was interested in receiving the link to a free copy of There Is More Inside Value Proposition: a spiritual notion workbook. Thank you!! 🙂

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