I appreciate the privilege of serving you over the years. I have grown and learned a lot about human potential and leadership and business development. Most importantly, I learned about myself and my relationship with God. Since 2005, when I launched my speaking and writing business, I’ve had some BIG wins and many losses. That’s business. That’s growth.  

It is that journey that has taken me to the industry’s mountaintop and through the valley of the process. What I’ve learned and the body of work I’ve created over the years have opened a door to work for one of the world’s top organizations. Yep! I can’t believe I said that, either. But first, how can I help you to expand your brand and continue becoming more likable, marketable, and credible? Watch my video to you here.


I am going to Amazon to create the strategy and build and implement programs to develop their leaders worldwide! I start on March 8, 2021, which is why I’ll no longer be available to work in my business. You can watch my final video here that includes how God strategically sets us up for big opportunities if we just trust him.  Feel free to read articles on this blog and visit my YouTube page. You’ll find over 200 free videos.

I wish you continued growth and success and meaningful moments throughout your life’s journey. It has been a pleasure to serve you. 

There Is (Always) More,
S. Renee

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