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Inferiority: How Women Can Overcome Those Awkward Feelings

Feelings of inferiority indicate that you believe you are inadequate, unequal and unable to achieve something as a result of your opinion of yourself. The core battle of inferiority is what you believe about yourself in comparison to someone else. Please take note that at the core there is a belief that needs to shift.

Since you have already identified what you believe and the fact that the belief doesn’t add value to you, you are on your way to change. The next step is to pinpoint where your belief is coming from.

Ask yourself:

1. Who told me I was inferior because I am female?

2. Why did they believe that about females?

I think you’ll discover a list of untruths fueled by pain.

Next, take note of when you feel inferior and with whom you are with when you feel that way. Then ask yourself:

3. What is the truth about females?

4. What is the truth about me?

Every negative thought needs to be examined and challenged. When you do I’m confident you’ll see that it doesn’t have any real credibility and, therefore, isn’t deserving of your time or energy.

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