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How Can I Tell My 15-Year Old Daughter She’s an Awful Writer?

You don’t!

If you tell your daughter that she is an awful writer, she will never forget it and you could destroy her self-esteem and she will be left with being mentally and emotionally entangled with your opinion of her capacity to become a good writer.

Here’s what happened to me.

In 2000, I was fired from a job for not being able write. In 2005, I wrote my first book, There Is More Inside: Personal Essentials to Living A Power Packed Life. It has sold over 8000 copies. In 2011, I wrote and released, The Bridge to Your Brand Likability, Marketability & Credibility and 2014 Our Hearts Wonder Prayers to Heal Your Heart and Calm Your Soul. In 2014, Wiley hired me to co-write Self-Esteem for Dummies for the world’s best-selling reference brand book series and in November 2017, Callisto Media contacted me to write, 5 Steps to Assertiveness: How to Communicate with Confidence and Get What You Want (May, 2018).

My former boss apologized in 2011, which was long after I needed it. I know it made her feel good. 

Here are the lessons:

My boss had a responsibility to help me to strengthen my writing skills. Instead she disgraced me in front of my staff with her limited opinions. It took me years to overcome her issue—you have a responsibility to help your daughter grow and become the best writer she can be. Don’t degrade her, uplift her.

You never know what God has for her to do in life. Get on the winning side.

It will make you an awful mother to tell her she is an awful writer—and I know you are not an awful mother! With your help, I know she will do great things with that awfulness! 

Copyrights 2018 S. Renee Smith.