Whether you are an Oprah fan or distant observer, you’ve likely heard the statement, What I Know for SureWhat you might not know is that Gene Siskel, a film critic with the Chicago Tribune, stumped Oprah during an interview when he asked, “What do you know for sure?” 

Is there anything you know that should remain unquestionable? 

I don’t know about you, but the forces of movement and change are so constant that I have to stop and regroup so that I can reengage based on what I think I know for sure. As I listened with enjoyment to Oprah’s book, What I Know for Sure (2014), I began to wonder if there is anything I know with absolute certainty. Meaning, is there anything I know that should remain unquestionable? What about you? Does your truth about anything remain the same?

I believe that it’s the questions, not the answers that elevate our thinking, truth, and existence. 

 As a trainer, coach, speaker, and author, I give advice but most often, ask questions and support people as they find their answers. I believe that it’s the questions, not the answers that elevate our thinking, truth, and existence. Some questions require solutions, while others are met to stimulate curiosity about our significance in the world. Other inquiries challenge our stalled thinking and antiqued beliefs about ourselves and others. And some inspire us to recognize our brilliance and power. That’s what I know for sure. 

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