Why Would a Person Falsely Accuse You?

Falsely accuse you? They don’t believe they are falsely accusing you. As they see it, you did it! Whatever the “it” is.

Isn’t it interesting how two people can have the same experience, yet experience it differently?

Yes, we have evidence that there are mean-spirited people in the world. However, I believe that most people mean well even though their behavior can have a malicious intent. In other words, it’s not a conscious intentional act. It’s their pain operating in and through them and in many cases they don’t even realize it.

Since we all play on both sides of the fence—being accused and being the accuser, I would encourage you to consider the following:

1. Forgive. Your hands aren’t clean either. We all have pain spots that cause us to see things that aren’t there. So forgive them with the understanding that “they know not what they do.”

2. Communicate. Go to the person with the desire to understand their point of view. It takes a courageous and confident individual to seek to understand the other person. In many cases, I think you’ll discover you both are being wrongfully accused.

3. Become an advocate. Decide to be the change in the world you are seeking. When you notice yourself about to be overtaken by a negative emotion, wake up and resist the temptation.

For tips on how to best communicate add 5 Steps to Assertiveness How to Communicate With Confidence and Get What You Want to your reading list.

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